We’re a Swiss startup located in the city of Solothurn. The journey of ROOBSTER started on 2018 when company Founder, Daniel Hugentobler, was frustrated with the bulky and unattractive e-scooters on the market. A vision for the ROOBSTER quickly developed, and being an engineer, he went on to build a first prototype. When he realised that this product had wheels, he founded the Roobster AG.

Meet the Makers

Founder, Daniel Hugentobler

“When the first stand-on electrical vehicles entered the market, I was intrigued by the idea of these small vehicles that transported you around the city, but I found their look and feel off-putting. Do they have to be so bulky and look so clumsy? No, I thought, they don’t.“

Daniel holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the federal institute of technology in Zurich (ETH) with a major in Robotics and Microtechnology. During his professional career he acquired a wide range of experience with product development, innovation and quality as core areas of his work.

Pascal Niggli, Co-Founder

“When I first saw the ROOBSTER I knew that if we play our cards right, it has the potential of becoming an integral part of our everyday commute. My goal is to make that happen!”

Pascal is a serial entrepreneur and head of marketing and sales. During his studies in Silicon Valley he developed a passion for startups and new technologies. After successfully launching and managing companies in the food and packaging industries for the past 6 years, he is now keen on stepping into the world of e-mobility.

Felix Mergele, Co-Founder

“Our customers do not buy a smart assembly of metal, plastic and electronics. They buy the experience of riding carefree. It is my determination to provide that.”

Felix has a bachelor in electrical engineering from Hochschule Furtwangen and studied embedded systems at the University of Freiburg. He works for 15years for FSM in the development of battery packs.

David Oreiro, Co-Founder

“I’m driven by a passion for design, electric vehicles and storytelling.“

David is head of branding, communication and marketing campaigns. He has a cumulative 15 years of experience in design, communication, marketing and entrepreneurship. He has coached and worked with several start-ups and international brands (such as NEEO and Tesla) in the fields of digital communication and brand storytelling.


Our goal is to provide people in urban areas innovative and outstanding micro-mobility solutions. We create the ultimate city-surfing experience, with our focus on great design, precision and quality; making your travel between activities easy and fun.”