Riding the ROOBSTER is unique. Balancing on two wheels and cruising through
the city is just fun.
When making turns you get that carving feeling. Whether for
city surfing or cruising to work, the ROOBSTER will make it fun, fast and easy.

ROOBSTER is the future of e-mobility


A handle on the back lets you pull the ROOBSTER
behind you, making it easy to take anywhere. It’s
comparatively lightweight and can be easily carried
up stairs. It’s slender form means it doesn’t need to be
collapsed to be stowed away indoors.

Keep it inside, and hang it on a wall mount if you like.
It’s that pretty.


The design is sleek and slender. It’s a good looking ride

that makes everyone riding a ROOBSTER look good.


Technical data


The ROOBSTER will be available in store in Summer 2021 and
will cost USD1499 - If you can’t wait, we are launching the
ROOBSTER on Indiegogo on the 27th of April Go there now
and profit of the special one time discounts